Modern. Unique. Scandinavian-inspired.

A breath of fresh air for modern mothers.
Finally, a breath of fresh air in a sea of pink and blue. // Not Sew Strange is the chic answer for modern mothers looking for unique, contemporary decor with a distinct Scandinavian flair for their little one’s nursery. From patchwork to geometric print quilts in a multitude of colors, to sweet plush toys for your baby to bond with, our style is anything but traditional. After 20 years in the Montreal and Toronto fashion industry, I launched Not Sew Strange with you in mind. You’re a modern parent wanting something different, something fresh for your baby’s nursery. I know because I was in your place. When I was expecting my twin girls, all of the bedding and decor that was available was too girly, too similar. I found nothing that matched my style, so Not Sew Strange was born of my own design, including most of the fabrics used in quilts and the toys and dolls I craft by hand. The Not Sew Strange aesthetic is the bold contrast of black & white–highlighting the uniqueness of each sweet baby–and celebrating Scandinavian-inspired design with splashes of unexpected color and a bent towards the fresh, the new, and the fashionable. Not Sew Strange is the modern mother’s answer for statement nursery quilts and decor, and I’m so excited to provide this bold and creative decor choice for modern parents. // Modern, unique, Scandinavian-inspired nursery decor, handmade with you in mind. 

Handmade quilts unique just like your sweet babe //